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An holsitic approach to healthcare

Client Testimonials

"I cannot recommend Karen Green highly enough! 

I had major health issues for a few years which had doctors both in UK and Spain baffled. My whole autoimmune system had started to fail and I was struggling to cope with even small daily tasks. 

Doctors in UK initially thought I could be suffering from MS, but after 2 years of frustration that they could not seem to find the reason why I was so poorly a friend of mine spotted an advert for Karen Green. By this point I was at the end of my tether and willing to try any new avenues I could find to resolve my health issues and boy am I glad I did!

Karen did some allergy testing on me and found that not only did I have Candida but I was also intolerant to a lot of the so called 'good' foods I had been eating in order to improve my health. 

Anyway the upshot is not only did Karen diagnose what was was going on with my health, she also gave me a diet plan and was amazingly supportive throughout the ups and downs that was my recovery. 

Thankfully I managed to follow a strict diet (well most of the time) and within a few months I started to feel better than I had in years!

From a personal perspective and in all honesty I still to this day say that Karen is my guardian angel! Without her help I do not even want to consider how bad things would have been for me.

During this dark time and since feeling better I have also had numerous other treatments with Karen including massage and reflexology and I can thoroughly recommend them all!

If you are worried about any allergies or just looking for a pampering session to make you feel great then please give Karen a shout."

Nadine Howkins

"Just a short note to say a BIG THANK YOU for all you have done to help me on to the right and healthy road for me. I have learnt a lot and will continue to battle on to improve my health."

Kate Goodall

"Thank you for all the help - I know that many things have improved for me since coming to you, especially my energy levels."

Pam Cowler

"Thank you so much - I am very pleased to say that my stomach has been fantastic recently!"

Sally Brown

"Thanks for all your help; you've made a huge difference to my life!"

Julie Donovan

"What you did was so inspiring."

Ingrid Hass

"Thank you for helping, we are now sure that the bones in her neck are responsible for her sensitive stomach - we couldn't have done that without you!"

Flavia Keith

Allergy Therapy