Bienestar en Pinsapo

An holsitic approach to healthcare

Your first Appointment

This usually takes approximately 1½ - 2 hours; a full case history will be taken including present diet, lifestyle, relevant medical history and current problems, in order to build up a complete picture of the patient.

Approximately 80 items will be tested on your first visit. Once any intolerances/allergies are confirmed a treatment plan will be set out and a fully personalised nutritional programme will be devised. This will invariably involve the taking of dietary supplements to complement your treatment.

A further consultation will be required in 2 to 3 weeks time to monitor the patient's progress and to test for further intolerances. This is usually followed by a further appointment in 4 to 6 weeks time, again to monitor the continuing progress.

The patient will be totally guided and supported through all stages of their treatment.

Allergy Therapy