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Yeast and Sugar free

Jacket potato with butter (or olive spread) with tuna


Peel and chop small onion or shallot, mix with cold mashed potato and tuna.  Add seasoning as required.  Mix in a large bowl and make into balls, then flatten to approx 1.5 cm thick and cover with flour (either wheat, rice or corn flour - depending on intolerances).  Fry in a frying pan.

​Homemade Soups

No Sugar Flapjacks   (Stella Walton)
250g   oats  (can soak in 100ml apple juice for moister flapjack)
400ml 100% pure apple juice
1"        peeled ginger

30g     sunflower seeds
1 tbsp  ground cinnamon

​4        apples

Chop apples and put in pan with apple juice, bring to the boil then simmer for 30 mins until juice has evaporated.  Process the ginger in a nutribullet or with a hand blender.  Add to softened apple and blend into a puree.  

Put oats into a bowl, add the sunflower seeds, cinnamon, then mix in the puree.  Place in baking tray

​Bake at 160°C fan or 180°C normal for 30 mins.  Leave to cool in the tray and cut into squares.

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