Common signs and symptoms connected with food allergy, food intolerance and other external pollutants are listed below. If you suffer from any of the following or you have a condition which is not listed here but has not cleared up after a reasonable length of time, then an intolerance could be the underlying cause, and it would certainly be worthwhile being tested.

Headache / Migraine
Fatigue / Poor concentration
Depression / Anxiety
Hyperactivity (children)
Recurrent mouth ulcers
Aches and pains
Water retention
Skin complaints (rashes / Eczema)
Nasal congestion (Rhinitis / Sinusitis)
PMT / Thrush / Cystitis
Eating binges / Food cravings
Irritable Bowel Syndrome / Digestive disorders
Candida albicans

Allergy Therapy

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